Bioarchaeology of Ibiza, Spain

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Dr Nicholas Marquez-Grant has been analysing human remains from the island of Ibiza in Spain since 1999. Ibiza in the Western Mediterranean is located in a strategic position and has received the influence from a variety of cultural groups throughout its history. Ibiza was indeed an important centre in antiquity .

This project examines human remains from Prehistoric, Phoenician, Punic, Roman, Early Byzantine, Islamic and from later Medieval and Post-medieval times, both urban and rural to assist in reconstructing the past as well as testing new methods of interpretation in bioarchaeology. A biological perspective is provided by reconstructing the demography of past populations, physiological stress through childhood, examining palaeopathological conditions to assist in reconstructing lifestyle and living conditions as evidenced by the human skeletal remains.

Further information on diet, colonisation, immigration, physical characteristics and funerary practices is also covered in this project.