A Biological Anthropology Research Network at the University of Oxford

At its core, biological anthropological research aims to understand what makes us humans. It is a scientific discipline concerned with morphological, behavioural, physiological, genetic, cultural and developmental variation in modern humans, their related non-human primates and their extinct hominin ancestors.

Current bioanth research in the University cuts across the Departments/Schools of Anthropology, Archaeology, Zoology, Experimental Psychology and the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. There are also strong links with other institutions such as Oxford Brookes University.

A postgrad-led Oxford Bioanth Initiative runs social events. The goal of the initiative is to promote a Research Community for Biological Anthropologists at the University of Oxford.

Visit our News & Events or Facebook pages for upcoming events. Let us know what you think and/or get involved by writing to us at bioanth@anthro.ox.ac.uk. If you’re new to Oxford and are interested to join in, please do get in touch.

We are also open to enquiries from potential students and academic visitors.