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Cultural Evolution Workshop with Prof Tim Lewens

Oxford Bioanth with be hosting a Cultural Evolution Workshop on Tuesday, 28th of February from 2-5pm in the Blackwood Room of the Pitt Rivers Museum. Professor Tim Lewens (University of Cambridge) will be the keynote speaker with short talks given by Dr Tamas David-Barret, Dr Alex Alvergne, and Professor Greger Larson. More information can be […]

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‘New Directions in the Evolutionary Social Sciences’ Conference, December 13-14 (Cambridge)

Cambridge Conference ‘New Directions in the Evolutionary Social Sciences‘ coming up on 13-14th December 2016 Convened by Andrew Buskell from the University of Cambridge, a two day conference will be held to discuss the study of human culture using evolutionary tools and where it is going. The conference gathers together researchers working at the cutting-edge […]

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Genetic Structure and Cultural Transitions in Southern African Populations Correlate with Geography

A new paper in Genetics by Dr Capelli and his group analyses the genetic profiles of over 600 individuals from 51 southern African populations. The findings reveal that the genetic structure of these populations does not correlate with language or subsistence strategy, but instead with geography, demonstrating the important affect isolation and distance has in the region. […]

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