Oxford University has a long tradition in Biological Anthropology, first in the Department of Anatomy and from 1976-2002, in the Institute of Biological Anthropology (IBA). Read Oxford and Biological Anthropology by former IBA director Prof. Geoffrey Harrison to find out more.

While the institute formally closed down in 2002, researchers have remained highly active within the University. This combined with the appointment of new faculty, Biological Anthropology has now relaunched itself in the form of a research network.

Support our Project: Connecting OU-Bioanthers

This project aims to emulate a research community in Biological Anthropology at the University of Oxford. To that end we are (1) maintaining this new website as a window to feature the community’s research and activities and (2), organizing a launching event (03/11/16) at the Museum of Natural History, which aims to get people together and start a discussion from across the field. Details about the event “Biological Anthropology: Possible Futures” can be found here.

The Launching of the Project is funded by the School of Anthropology, the John Fell Fund and Harris Manchester College. We are now looking for additional support to keep the project running, starting with the organization of a seminar series and an annual lecture.

Any contribution, however small, would be immensely helpful!

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Alex Alvergne
Kathryn Krakowka
Nick Marquez-Grant



Our Funders

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