• Stones on the Move: the Real Life of a Chimpanzee Tool

    The main goal is testing the hypothesis that the purported strategies of transport of resources by early hominins may have been misconstrued and instead may be more similar to the transport of objects by extant chimpanzees. Dr Susana Carvalho hypothesizes that transport distances in the Oldowan were the sum of many short bouts, which mislead archaeologists […]

  • Paleo-Primate Project, Mozambique

    Located at the southern edge of the Rift Valley, Gorongosa is one of the missing pieces in the puzzle of human origins. The park combines geological characteristics of East and South Africa where key evidence of human evolution has been found. We are starting a new long-term field project – (PPP) PaleoPrimateProject Gorongosa – at one of the most ecologically diverse ecosystems […]