• Pliocene Archaeology

    Since 2008 Dr Carvalho has been engaged in the Koobi Fora Field School in Kenya. Some of her main projects in the East side of Lake Turkana include actualistic experiments focusing on the use of percussive technologies, and surveys and excavation in Pliocene (2.6-5.3 Ma) deposits. All her research in Kenya is part of a long-term collaboration with David R. Braun (George […]

  • Paleo-Primate Project, Mozambique

    Located at the southern edge of the Rift Valley, Gorongosa is one of the missing pieces in the puzzle of human origins. The park combines geological characteristics of East and South Africa where key evidence of human evolution has been found. We are starting a new long-term field project – (PPP) PaleoPrimateProject Gorongosa – at one of the most ecologically diverse ecosystems […]

  • The Study of Human Remains in the University of Oxford

    The interest in human bodies and their anatomy has a long history in Oxford University – ever since the establishment of the Regius Professor of Medicine by Henry VIII. The dissections performed at first in the Anatomy School, then the newly built Ashmolean Museum, later on, at Christ Church Anatomical Museum, and finally at the University […]

  • Do Our Diseases Define Us?

    The project focuses on identifying palaeopathology and historical dissection techniques present amongst the specimens from the 18th and 19th century human anatomy and pathology collection curated at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. The main aim of this project is to provide a greater understanding of the evolution of medicine in the 18th and 19th […]

  • The Evolution of Music

    This project investigates the evolutionary origins of our musical abilities, the nature of music, and the earliest archaeological evidence for musical activities amongst our ancestors. Music is possessed by all human cultures, and archaeological evidence for musical activities pre-dates even the earliest-known cave art. Music has been the subject of keen investigation across a great diversity […]