Evolutionary Anthropology

  • Religion’s Impact On Human Life: Integrating Proximate And Ultimate Perspectives

    Religion’s impact on human life is contentious. Does religion make us more moral? Is it responsible for the development of civilisation? What is the effect of religion on creativity and innovation, and its relationship to ‘human nature’? Answering such questions will benefit both our theoretical understanding of ourselves as a species and our practical understanding […]

  • Ritual, Community, and Conflict

    Some of the greatest atrocities have been caused by groups defending or advancing their political aspirations and sacred values. In order to comprehend and address the wanton violence of war, terrorism and genocide, it is necessary to understand the forces that bind and drive human groups. This five-year programme of research investigates one of the […]

  • Cultural Transmission Dynamics in Small-Scale Societies

    This project examines the relevance of evolutionary theoretical frameworks for understanding how innovations may or may not spread in small-scale populations of India without adequate services. It uses data data on multiple networks (friends, kinship, knowledge, prestige, spatial) in multiple populations in two Indian societies with contrasting socio-economic structures (the patrilocal Korwa and the matrilocal Khasi). This research […]